The 28 Most Trusted Ways to Make Money Online

In a nutshell

Internet is a virtual world where most of the things if not everything can be achieved in an automatized manner. Monetization or in simple terms – Making Money Online is one such aspect that comes under this. But you should not take in the sense that you will start encashing with just a push of a button or a miraculous prayer will make you rich overnight. In this article we are going to go through the 28 ways using which making money online can become an easy affair.

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First of all, to make money online, you must make a commitment and create goals. If you want to work from home independently, you need to have the right mindset. To make money on the Intenet, there are a few learning curves that you got to pass through as this will not happen unless you learn and work in a coherent way.

In order to earn money on the net, you have to take work like any other occupation that generates viable income, but at the same time you have to keep in mind that it is not hard to learn how to do it. It is entirely feasible and achievable for a person who is willing to strive. You can earn income and work from home permanently, but the key here is willingness and patience. If you are willing to put time and effort into your business, there are many ways in which you can take advantage and use to make money online from home. There are many ways that can provide enough money for you to make a living. So without further delay, let’s check out this huge list of methods to make money online.

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[alert-note] Whenever possible, I will try to offer other resources and information on implementation of some of these methods. [/alert-note]

1 – Make Money With Blogs

Making money with blogs is becoming increasingly popular. You can create a blog in less than an hour. There are many free blogging platforms you can use to get started. WordPress and Blogger are the best ones.

The following article will help you decide the one that will suit you the best in terms of your needs- Self-Hosted WordPress Vs Blogger – Make Your Choice

As we have mentioned in the above linked article, When you feel comfortable, and have acquired more experience, you can go to pay for your own hosting and domain name. You can create a blog on any subject as long as the public is interested. You can make money with a blog by putting up advertorials through advertising programs like Google Adsense or even by writing reviews and sponsored articles. Selling affiliate products or even your own short reports and eBooks are other viable methods to monetize using blogs. However, making money with blogs takes work and time. You have to be patient and willing to put a lot of time and effort into it. We will throw more light on this topic in the coming days.

Also for those banned from the Adsense Program, here are some other alternatives.

2 – Make Money with YouTube

YouTube needs no introduction. Simply by filming videos and uploading them to YouTube, you can make money with YouTube using the Google Adsense Integration. It helps you generate a reasonable income. All that you need is to have a suitable equipment to shoot a movie. But you must remember that you are not allowed to copy other’s videos and re-upload it. Also, uploading movies, trailers, song videos or sport clips is not going to help. The concept of the video should be your own and must be unique. Only then you are going to be benefited.

Also read our detailed guide where we have specifed ways to Make money on YouTube

3 – Make money online selling photos

If you like photography or have taken up photography as your profession who can click picturesque photos, there are many sites where you can upload your images and get paid every time someone downloads an image of yours. The good thing is that a photo can be sold many times, over and over again. They may realize that the potential for developing this business is large. If you have about 50 photographs ever going interesting and adding more, this can become a good entry for extra money or supplement to another program to earn more money.

You can sell your photos on and

Sounds easy, right? However, your images must compete with tens of thousands of high quality pictures out there hence so you should strive to do good work and own a decent photography camera.

Also Read: How To Make Money Selling Photos Online – Detailed Guide

4 – Make money with Twitter

There are quite a few ways using which you can make money using twitter. We will focus in detail about them in the coming days. For now, let’s just keep it simple. As far as twitter is concerned, you can expect a decent pay in case if you have got a huge number of followers for your account and if you have a good micro-blogging knowledge i.e., the ability to brief about something within 140 characters or so because you will find brands or corporate that pay people for reviewing their products or posting a sponsored tweet.

For the newbies and beginners out there, check out this article.

5 – Creating and selling digital books

If you want to become a author in order to make money, but do not have the time or the capital to do so, then selling eBooks and other digital content (which is technically called copyright resale) is a good alternative. You need to invest money in order to get the book published and even distribute it among the public. eBooks are viable alternatives with no hassles. Whether you are a frustrated writer and no publisher would want to publish a work, write, convert to PDF and sell it online.

If you try it on your own will be a complicated process, but a service called ClickBank offers the possibility of offering your book in a community of more than 100,000 people looking to sell content.

6 – Earn money by buying and selling domains

Buy domains and reselling them is a lucrative business. Domains are considered the real estate of the Internet because they work the same way as when you buy a property. It is all about auctioning, the buyer who quotes the highest price is the one who is benefited. The buying and selling of domains works the same way.

There are people who are willing to pay good money for the domains they want to purchase. These transactions occur daily and a very good place to carry them out is and GoDaddy Auctions. You can buy domains that sound professional and sell them for higher rates. But this is one aspect of online monetization when you need to invest in the initial stages.

The same can be implemented with websites also. People build websites or blogs, work on it for a while and then put it up for sale.

7 – Earn money by reading Emails

As the title suggests, you get paid for reading e-mails as well. Receive daily emails with links to different websites, you have to click and view the ad for a few seconds. This is not a viable technique as the money that you would be making using this procedure is too less.

8 – Earn money by surfing

There are plenty of sites where you can register for free and get paid to surf and click on the ads. However, here also you should proceed with caution as some websites are designed only for the sake of ripping people off.

You got to make sure you register with the known and trusted sites. But the margin for profit is way too low.

9 – Earn money selling affiliate products

This is the favorite way to make money online for many Internet marketers. The reason is that it can be very profitable if done properly. In simple terms – You have to sell other people’s products and you a get commission paid for it. The products sold are e-books and digital products. The best known and reliable sites that are dedicated to affiliate marketing are ClickBank and Commission Junction.

10 – Make Money with Paid Surveys

One of the ways to earn quick and easy money online is through paid surveys. There are many companies doing marketing research hence manufacturers pay consumers for their opinions on their products.

Paid surveys are carried out on the internet and that is why they are willing to pay for such surveys as this information is very valuable to them. While it is true that there are many companies that only dedicated to defraud people, there are also quite a few companies that are legitimate and actually pay to complete their paid surveys. Some of them include:

11 – Earn money by sharing files online

There are hundreds of websites out there where you can share files be it videos, music files, documents, images and document. You just have to upload the files in these websites and every time someone makes a download, you get paid for it. The files can be in almost any format.


12 – Earn money by reviewing products

Many companies pay you for posting a review of their product be it an application or any gadget. This helps them spread a word about their product and also you get a decent pay. You can also choose to review affiliate products and every time someone buys that product with your link, you get a commission. You could consider posting the review on other forums / blogs or can even create your own review blog.

13 – Working as a virtual assistant

This is becoming very popular in the virtual world. As more and more traditional companies are creating their websites to expand their network, they are in need of virtual assistants for research work, finding stuffs, doing tasks, making phone calls or software installation, etc. You can apply for the same if you feel you are ideal for this work.

14 – Make Money with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk is a service Amazon where you can perform simple tasks in exchange for a small payment. For example, you can complete a multiple-choice survey of $ 0.10 or you may be asked to write a product review for $ 1.50. Majority of the the tasks available through Mechanical Turk are simple and can be completed quickly.

15 – Send blog posts to social media sites

The bloggers and small business owners look for for people who are willing to do the link posting jobs. This involves creating accounts on all social bookmarking services/websites, post the link of the latest articles/posts and help the blog owners get more traffic. You may have to compete with the software that also does this job, but many webmasters prefer hiring persons to do this job as the work that automated software does is not feasible and sometimes even marked as spam.

16 – Make Money by creating Software Application

If you are a master at programming languages or have a good knowledge on creating software applications, you can help yourself fetch some bucks for creating and distributing it. may well begin to create plug-ins. One of the best markets is the WordPress plug-ins. Use forums to find out what bloggers need. If you are a pro, you can also try a hand at creating web 2.0 applications and services.

17 – Earn money by posting in forums

People starting a new forum often pay visitors to visit the forum more often so as to keep the forum engaged by taking part in discussions and debates. In order to keep the forum filled with activities all the time, more people are invited to join the discussion for attractive fees. Many forums will pay about $ .30 per message/thread post based on the number of words and the activity on that particular post.

18 – Providing professional experience in the virtual marketplace – Freelance

You can can sell your professional capabilities in the virtual market. You are no longer limited to the search for a permanent job or contract work on websites. The new generation of freelance work to get a point in which firms draws a professional directly when they need help to develop their projects.

For example sites like Elance and Freelancer  focuses on everything including- programming, writing, and design and software.

19 – Making Money on the Internet by translating documents

If you are a fluent speaker in more than one language [i.e., second language] , then you can take up the work of translating document online and offline, and receive money for it? Free classified sites are the best way to advertise your services.

You can find plenty of work as a translator of texts. They provide you a text, you write the translation and they give you money.

20 – Make Money Writing Articles

One of the most popular ways to make money online is freelance writing. You do not need to invest money, no need to own a website, but having one would help you earn more money. Best of all is that you can win quickly. In most cases they are paid the same day you finish working on the project and delivery. There are many places online where you can offer your writing services. There are even some websites where you get paid paid to write unique content for them.

21 – Make Money on Fiverr is a site where you can make money doing almost anything you can imagine for $ 5. Simply register for free and put up your offer for your services. Be it Singing or  record a video for a ceremony, complete somebody’s assignment or teaching someone a Spanish phrase or showing them how to make a fan page on Facebook, people are willing to pay for doing these things on Fiverr. You will be surprised how easy it is to make money on Fiverr with things you could never imagine that someone pays for it.

22 – Make Money writing comments on blogs

In order to get a better ranking and drive more visitors to the blog, bloggers need quality links pointing to your blog from other blogs. You can charge by commenting on other “dofollow” blogs and charge between $ 0.50 and $ 1.00 per each link.

23 – Make Money with CPA advertising

CPA [Cost Per Action] is a much easier version of affiliate marketing and most of the time you do not have to sell anything. Just drive people to advertisers site. For example, some advertisers will pay up to $ 10 every time you send a potential customer to visit the sites, provided that the person provides his email address or a postal code in order to enter a lucky draw to win something. To be accepted by CPA networks you have to own a website or blog.

24 – Make money online with Forex

Forex is the forex trading market. All the world’s currencies are traded wing pair with the other currencies. Forex is the largest financial market in the world. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the stock market with the largest trading volume of about $ 70 billion each day. Forex trading is typically done through a broker market. You can make money as a currency trader, this is not very difficult, but one must first learn about it.

How you can make money with Forex? Finding out which is the best time to buy a stock and then sell for a profit. How do you figure out when is the best time to buy? Just follow the table of Forex Trading, it can predict the direction of prices through price chart analysis. There is much to learn, but certainly you can make money with Forex.

25 – Earn money being an Online Tutor

Becoming an online tutor. There is great demand for online tutors for a variety topics. You can register with companies that focus on providing educative videos to students. The online tutoring service is a high demand and also theirs is steady growth. If you enjoy helping others to learn, with this could make some extra money. You would have to set aside a few hours a week so become a stable part-time tutor.

26 – Get paid using iPhone

Well, there are apps available even for smartphones that can fetch you a few bucks. The jobs that you got to do in order to earn are quite silly and goofy. Why don’t you just check them out for yourselves. Here the 4 apps that can help you monetize:

27 – Make Money by Web and Graphic designing

If you are a web designer who expertise in the field or website and logo designing, you can showcase your talent in the websites such as – where you take take part in competitions and win cash prizes. If you are graphic designer who is capable of creating graphic elements and animation designing, then take a look at the design choices out there that offers you good money.

28 – Sell items on eBay

Most people fancy their chances by selling their products on eBay. It surely is one of the trusted methods to make money online. Sell ​​items on eBay is simple and fast. There is very little initial investment, and with some products, no investment at all. As long as you have an Internet connection and a computer, you also can make lots of money using eBay. Of course, like any business, success is not guaranteed and requires patience, research and a little luck. One of the best places for an eBay “newbie” to start looking is the eBay chat forums.

So these were the 28 different ways in which a person can start off with his Online career. In the previous alternatives, if you did not find one that appeals to you enough to take the path, do not be disappointed: there are other options, maybe out of reach for some but it can be an open one for you if you have special skills or knowledge.


As you can see, to make money online, one does not have to be very skilled with computer. You don’t have to be a wealthy person or invest thousands to succeed. In short, you must understand that the virtual world is like real life. The same business opportunities exists, but instead of your customers coming to you from the physical world, they come from the digital world.

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