How To Make Money On Youtube – A Detailed Guide

In a Nutshell

When YouTube was purchased by Google in the year 2006, not many thought considered it a good idea as YouTube was just 2 years old then. But now, 7 years down the lane, YouTube is not only the most successful video portal on the web but also a means of earning money.


For a long time it was not so easy to earn money on YouTube. But in the recent years, the business of users those who are enthusiastic video editors on YouTube has developed rapidly. Previously the YouTube Advertising program was available only to a a few selected users with very high click-through rates. But since last couple of years, Youtube has opened the gates for all the users.  This of course also means that you could make good money on Youtube. Many popular video makers are already receiving considerable profit from their commercials, which confirms the possibility of using Youtube as a source of income for the ones who expertise in making quality video. had released an Infographic last year that depicted that the top 1000 biggest earning YouTube channels earn about $23,000 [average figure] on monthly basis. That is quite remarkable.

Archana [Channel – Archana’s Kitchen] is one of the few Indians who earn their livelihood by uploading cookery vidoes on YouTube.  Almost 500,000 people have subscribed Simons channel. That’s 64 times as many fans as the evening news gathered on YouTube. Another user Sandeep who makes a 5 figure income [INR] says “When I started four years ago to earn money with YouTube, It was a mini job. Then it grew rapidly”.

Here in the following lines we will answer a series of questions like:

  • Can I make money with YouTube?
  • Getting started with the YouTube Advertising
  • types of Ads that can be used on the Videos
  • Risk Factors and Guidelines to be considered
  • Methods To Make Money on YouTube
  • How much Money Can I make By uploading Videos on YouTube?
  • The Advantages of Youtube Advancements

These questions will help you get a better insight regarding YouTube monetization. Keep Reading…

Youtube Money

Can I make money with YouTube? – Understand the realistic

Although the idea of earning $23,000 a month sounds exciting and can give Goosebumps to some, it is important to keep in mind that miracles don’t happen to everyone. You got to be realistic. Those channels which are mentioned in the infograph that we talked about previously uploaded videos consistently on regular basis and thus generated 11.3 billion views.  You have to be patient. You have to develop skills that can help you make good videos. One that part is taken care of, then you can next focus on building large subscriber base and look to generate the much needed video-view numbers to make a decent income amounts.

In general, however, success is given by a set of things:

  • Create interesting videos
  • Taking Advantage of the tools provided by YouTube
  • Using annotations
  • 6,000-10,000 views per video uploaded
  • At least a 100 subscribers
  • Using metadata and theme correctly (description, title, tags, generic related to the videos uploaded)
  • Use of blogs and social media to publicize the video
  • Upload videos on regular basis
  • Upload videos with resolution over 720p

Only if you provide quality videos, you will be benefited on the longer run.

Getting started with the YouTube Advertising

To start monetizing from your YouTube Videos, you have to Integrate your Adsense account with your YouTube account. Even if you do not have an active Adsense account, no problem. We will see how to get started with Adsense as well.

Follow the steps given below:

  • Log into your YouTube account. Then click on YouTube Settings.
  • There under the “Advertisements” section, pick the “Allow advertisements to be displayed alongside my videos” button.
  • Then under “Additional features“, go to the link “View Additional features“. There “Enable” the monetization feature.
  • Then you will be redirected to “Account Monetization” page.
  • There click on “Associate an Adsense Account” [image]. You will be directed to AdSense page.
  • Here, if you already have an active Adsense account, Just accept the association after which you will be redirected back to YouTube. For the newbies without Adsense account, confirm the association and provide your billing information before submission after which you will be redirected back to YouTube.

Refer to these links for more FAQs: Sign up for AdSense via YouTube and Associate your YouTube and AdSense

Types of Ads that can be used on the Videos

The next step is to choose the type of ads to place on video. Here are the 4 various types that you could implement. The more the number of Ads, the better is the earning. But it is important to keep in mind that you do not bombard your videos with too many Ads as excessive amount of advertising material irritates your viewers.

  • Instream ads are shown 30 seconds before or after the video.
  • TrueView ads are ignorable by users that can be skipped after 5 seconds.
  • InVideo are displayed in the lower part of the video.
  • Additionally, there is a Banner AD displayed to the right of the video.

Refer to this link for a better insight.

Subsequent Modifications

If we find that a certain type of ad has not generated the expected volume of revenue, we can always change it at a later stage. For doing so, go to the Video Manager > Edit > Monetization > Select the new type of ad to display.

Monitoring the Ad Views

To check how they are going our ads and income, we go on YouTube Analytics, which offers a series of detailed reports. We can, for example, monitor the number of visits received, the involvement of the public, where it comes from traffic and of course the revenue generated.

Youtube Partners

Risk Factors and Guidelines to be considered

Google has put forward a certain set of Guidelines for the YouTube channel and video owners who look to monetize. When you upload a video that is meant to be monetized from, you need to make sure that you have all rights to the content in the video that includes music, photos, images, video, film sequences, etc. In case if you are found to infringe the copyright, it is brought to the Google’s notice and will lead to your Adsense account getting disabled or freezed hence you have to be careful.

Other content like pornography, violence, drugs, etc. are also strictly prohibited. Such violations can not only disable your Adsense account but also your YouTube channel as well.

Manipulations and generation of artificially inflated views & automatic Ad clicks using bots and softwares are not allowed. Also you should not click your own video. With the new set of rules in place, you are not even allowed to view your own video once you upload it. You get up to 3 warnings for doing so after which the Adsense account will be banned. If you want to reply to your video comments, you have to do it internally without viewing the video page.

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Methods To Make Money on YouTube

1) The best solution would be, of course,  in YouTube Partner Program. But it is not available in all the countries. You have to check with YouTube in order to find out whether it is available in the place you reside in. In this case, the income from the monetizing from YouTube will be maximized, but to get into this program, you have to work hard and be well established as far as uploading videos, the number of views and the subscriber count is concerned.

2) Another way making money on YouTube is by putting up ads in the description to the video – This advertisement is just confined to external links and not banners. This method is much simpler and can work out as well because videos that are uploaded to YouTube now are not moderated and also the channel owner does not need to comply with copyright issues (even if they are violated, then the video is not deleted as long as the original owner wants to get it removed).

youtube ads

The point is to add text ads in the description of the video to which almost all the audience pays attention to. This can be anything you want:

  • Referral links / Affiliate links
  • Advertising One’s products and services
  • Advertise your site / blog or specific pages
  • Thanking those who helped you financially

How much Money Can I make By uploading Videos on YouTube?

How much a video uploader earns from advertising is dependent on the clicks, the number of views, number of subscribers and of course the price of Ads. The exact amount is a trade secret. An exact price for each audience does not exist, although there is a lot of speculation regarding this on the various forums. AdSense earnings for videos are not same as regular AdSense for websites and blogs.

Here is a screenshot [Performance of 3 different videos] which gives us an idea that not only views, but the category under which the video exists also is a decisive factor that is used to calculate the earnings. A video that hits the 10,000 views mark can fetch you $10 whereas another video which gets 7,500 hits can fetch you $15. Hence this is also a factor that you have to take into consideration.

Also some of them who has managed to generate good views and clicks on their videos have not received their Adsense cheque. This is because they haven’t followed with the terms and conditions properly hence their account gets banned before their pay reaches the minimum threshold limit of $100 [$100 is the minimum payout].  In the end, only a handful of YouTube publishers will end up earning 6-figure monthly income with the YouTube Partner Program.

You have to offer something special to the viewers so as to be a standout uploader. You should force people to view your videos not once, but till they enjoy it.

The Advantages of Youtube Advancements

YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world. It is second only to Google and Facebook. This will give you an estimate of how many hits it must be receiving daily. Demand is high, and when there is demand, it opens the possibilities of earning.

The principle of YouTube very similar to the search engines: To search for a certain videos of interest,  people enter keywords into the search box. So to promote your video channel, you should look to apply similar techniques as for the promotion of a website in search engines. However, to promote a channel in YouTube is much easier than a website in Bing and Google. Why is this so, and what are the benefits of promotion of video?

1. First, note that there is a lower competition among video data as compared to websites. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the creation of a Web resource is available to almost everyone, but same may not be the case with shooting and editing a video clip.

2. Secondly, promotion is easier in YouTube – a consequence of the search technology of video sharing website. Its principle is based on the study of video titles, descriptions and keywords (tags, labels), which fills the owner of the video. Moreover, when you specifiy tags, it is good enough to generate a decent number of video views (from the visitor who came from a search query or related videos).

3. SEO is a necessary element for your website visibility in search engines, but its biggest drawback – the high cost and time spent. You have to spend money on buying links, making a sheet anchor site, working with the semantic core, custom SEO texts, etc.  In YouTube there is no such element required, which saves money.  In YouTube you have consider that SEO part is done independently and free of cost.


Of course, with the YouTube partner program being open to all, it is a good source of generating income for those preferring to work from home. In addition, if you opt for a  free video hosting service or  setup your own blog and link your YouTube videos there, you can expect some good cash. Now it is your turn to head over to the comments section so as to express your views and let us know if you have any queries that was left unanswered.

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