How To Use Old Blog Posts To Generate More Traffic And Revenue


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In a Nutshell

This article is dedicated to all the avid bloggers out there who post at least 3-5 blog posts in a week. This article covers some of the points and commonly known facts that can be used to your advantage so as to improvise on your older blog posts in order to gain more traffic.

The latest survey suggests that around 80% of visitors land on your blog’s older posts as compared to that of the 20% of the people who come to read the newer article posts. That is the reason you should not leave your older posts untouched. In this post, I am going to explain when exactly does it makes sense to revise old posts and what does it entail.

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Why revise old blog posts?

Why should you think of revising older blog posts? These are already old and you have enough work at hand i.e. writing new articles / blog posts.
As compared to the newer products, old products provide advantage as they often grow very well. So you should pay some attention your older posts and explore their potential.

By old blog posts, I mean the blog posts which are meaningful even now i.e. some sort of tips or advices that would be valid and helpful to others and those which are over 2-3 months old. Revising posts such as news articles is of really no use.


The quality is an important factor. Posting articles with error do not give a good impression to a new reader of your blog. Therefore, you should ensure that at least the most successful old posts are error-free.

In addition, you can add updates and enhancements so that the blog post still makes sense and is useful. And in case if you had added any external links, check it whether it still works, else replace it with an updated link.

If you have written a new blog post on the same subject, then you should link this in the appropriate old posts so as to ensure that the reader is better informed and can gain more knowledge by reading further.


However, from an SEO point of view it may make sense to revise old posts.

Often the older products  grow up quite well [Here we are refering to the older blog posts], but sometimes they leave room for improvement and better optimization. So you should first find out the keyword positioning of some of your old successful blog posts in Google. This can be very done faster and in a convenient manner with professional SEO tools.

Then you should look at the on-page and off page optimization measures to be taken in order to make the article even better in the eyes of Google and to ensure a better ranking.

So you can with relatively little effort, you can build on a good blog post, and from a good blog post you can generate more traffic.

Earn Money

Old blog posts can be a gold mine definitely in terms of monetary gains. One can have a good income if he is able to attract good number of visitors onto those pages of the blog which would prove to be very informative to the people out there.

One decent way to monetize from such posts would be to incorporate a affiliate banner or affiliate link of a suitable partner program into that blog post.
This has several advantages. Firstly the affiliate banner fits perfectly to the target a certain group. On the other hand, you need to avoid negative comments from your regular readers who can be annoyed by too many advertorials.

Pros and Cons

I am aware of the advantages of the revision of old posts, yet fully aware I’m not doing this with any old items.

I see an old blog post as a kind of time capsule and I make it a point to revised them only if they have serious mistakes or in case if any new / additional information is to be added. Secondly, I use successful older posts to optimize monetization.

They can still do wonders for you. I have articles that are over 1 and halfs old and still have a monthly pageviews of around 500 – 1,000. Such posts are the backbone of success and you should really work to build such posts on your blog.

Therefore, I take some time every now and again for the review and updating of old items.


Old postss are very important for blogs and, if they are timeless, it certainly contributes to the number of visitors on your blog. The only thing that you have to ensure is that every now and then you have to make necessary changes or improvise upon it whenever required thus making the best use of your blog archives.

2 Responses to “How To Use Old Blog Posts To Generate More Traffic And Revenue”
  1. Josh Trenser

    Nikhil, these are some awesome tips!!! Thanks for sharing them!!!
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  2. Jemuel

    Well-written article Nikhil! Those tips are really helpful to bloggers out there who want to earn more with their old posts. Thank you for sharing this one, I’m going to apply them on some of my blogs.

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