Why Should You Not Outsource Your Online Marketing


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In a Nutshell

Recently, Google has penalized many sites for violating the Google Webmaster Guidelines. It also not spared even the best of the reputed companies and some of the leading websites as well. I wouldn’t want to name anyone in this post. In both cases, the online marketing was outsourced, in other words, Google penalties were caused by SEO companies.

Gaming the System

The SEO industry has always been a strong focus on the operation of the Google search algorithm. The main objective was high keyword rankings. In that respect, you can say that SEO companies in the past, achieved good results, but not on the basis of online marketing of good quality. What do you understand it?

The sharing of relevant high-quality content, both on-site and off-site, aimed at attracting visitors to the websites.

This may seem obvious, but in practice SEO companies do exactly the opposite, namely the sharing of content specifically aimed at search engines. The content is generally of low quality and often not considered to be relevant.

online marketing

It is obvious that large parties like some of the leading classifieds like OLX which allows used to post free ads in Ghana and other parts of Africa will not just go down with anyone into the sea. Also, you can safely assume that these types of businesses have a big budget for online marketing. Nevertheless, it is not possible to buy quality SEO no matter how much money you throw at it. The explanation is simple – SEO companies do not provide quality and that they have never done so.

Seeking help from SEO company or to do it yourself?

Often writing articles consisting of great content will certainly add to the rankings of companies. The quality of writing ( grammar and style ) is generally good , but the content are the stories of general nature . More often writers do not have the in-depth knowledge of your products or services .

Take a look at sites like Ezinemark.com with the following scores : PageRank 4 and domain authority 78. From a SEO perspective, it is good as you get to post your content and obtain a backlink in return for it. However, these types of sites are becoming stricter in judging of submitted content . They must also do so in order to maintain their good rankings. Due to this, people place a lot of SEO articles on lower quality sites , leading to an unnatural link patterns.

What do SEO companies ?

The first thing an SEO company does is the mapping of keywords on which the site should be found. The company then adjusts web pages so as to make everything fall into place. Hereby there are numerous websites where it is so obvious that the pages are created for Google and not so much for human visitors.

Link Building

It often goes really wrong with the so-called link building . SEO companies post links to external sites that link to the website of the client . With an SEO campaign clients normally get each month a list of the issued backlinks and a list of the most recent keyword rankings . Customers expect results from SEO companies. And soon you see all back on optimization.

 Is there a role for SEO companies?

Yes , but more in an advisory role . Organizations need to train their own staff to create content , help tracking social media , interaction with the public, good tailoring organic and paid traffic and regular analysis of the website ( s ) , rankings and backlinks . Furthermore, I advise you to not repeat and use words like ‘ SEO’ and ‘ link building ‘

 Have SEO companies really delivered quality?

SEO companies have strongly concentrated on the operation of the Google algorithms , purely to promote Keyword rankings. This approach is harmful to your backlink profile and you will be behind a real risk of your website being affected by Google penalty . Many websites have taken a manual action against webspam based links posted in 2009 and 2010 . If SEO companies have delivered real quality then this would not have happened.

The silly argument that Google accepted such practices in 2009 but not now.  But there is nothing you can do about it. As a company , it is important to take measures to ensure quality. Take your online marketing campaign in own hands so as to prevent your websit from getting penalized at the hands of third parties.

2 Responses to “Why Should You Not Outsource Your Online Marketing”
  1. Deepak

    I am completely agree with you about Link Building aspect, whenver i out source any new project they do something horrible.

    That’s why i always delegate work only to my team members.
    Deepak recently posted…Intelligence Bureau Recruitment 2014My Profile

  2. Bhavesh Patel

    Hey Nick,

    Personally I think while you outsource online marketing it is very difficult to someone on internet. Yeah you can check his/her portfolio but still there is kind of fear you have inside. Your write a good information especially on link building dude. :)

    Thanks !!!

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