We at BloggerCent are open to Guest Posting as long as the article is original, well written, useful, technically understandable and contains values that can help visitors acquire knowledge. We are stressing on this point in the very first line because we receive numerous guest posts everyday. Majority of these articles contain keyword links, either in the article body or the author bio. Of course this is done to extract some SEO juice for that particular link. We are strictly against such articles.

Guest Posting

To cut down and filter out those SEO targeted articles, we have decided to put forward a certain set of guidelines which needs to be fulfilled in order to get your article published on BloggerCent. If you are not willing to adhere to these rules, please do not gamble by sending the mail. It is just wasting each other’s time. Please go through the guidelines thoroughly.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Guest Posting Guidelines:

  • Stick to the Blog Niche: Please send articles that is related to the niche of BloggerCent. We post articles on – Blogging, WordPress, Blogger, Techniques to Make Money Online, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, Best themes, Web templates, Icons, Vectors, Logos and Social Media Marketing.
  • No Plagiarism, Only Original and Unique: We on BloggerCent publish only those articles which are unique, original, non-modified and comes out of imagination. We cross-check all the articles that we receive to make sure that there are no copied elements in it.
  • BloggerCent Exclusive Article: The article title and content should not match to the ones posted elsewhere. Come up with interesting titles that will keep the readers engaged.
  • Appropriate Images with Credits: Sending over an image that compliments that article would be great. We know it’s not easy to find catchy images hence whenever you find one, make sure to link back to the site from where you have copied it be it a stock image or from other website.
  • Spread the Word: You are very much welcome to promote the article on all the social media platforms so as to increase the visibility of your article and also to create the much needed impression.
  • In a Nutshell: We post a 2 line summary in all the articles that we publish on BloggerCent. At the starting of the article, please summarize it in a couple of lines so that it helps the reader to know what exactly is being conveyed in the article.

How will I be benefited by submitting an article?

Everybody in the society should be benefited for the work that they do. Guest bloggers out there, same implies to you as well. You ought to be gaining popularity by exposing your ideas through articles and accumulating a  decent reader base. BloggerCent is a emerging platform to showcase your article. Highlighting Points:

  • Dofollow backlink to you Blog/website
  • Google Authorship for your your post
  • Link to your social profiles in the Author Bio
  • Your article will be shared on various social media platforms

Reasons for Rejection:

The articles with the following will not be taken into consideration:

  • Spun Content
  • Low Quality
  • Poor Quality Images
  • Promoting a Product or an organisation
  • Keyword Links / Affiliate links
  • Copyrighted content
  • Linking to unsafe/adult websites
  • Linking to websites with a niche different from that of BloggerCent
  • No proper formatting
  • Fake Author Bio
  • NSFW [Not Safe for Work] links/content
  • Less than 700 words

Where should I send the article?

Mail us your article at admin@bloggercent.com

I want to create an account on BloggerCent. What should I do?

Currently we have stopped accepting registrations on the blog due to large number of spammy users getting themselves registered that adds some unnecessary weight to the database. Hence once you send over the article, we will create an account for you and put your biography.


Now that we have put forward the guidelines, we expect you to strictly adhere to them.

Please do not send mails asking “Whether I am interested in accepting Guest Posts“. Of course I am, else it really doesn’t make sense to put up this page.

Of late, I have been getting too many mails asking me to suggest topics and titles for guest posting. Well, it is the job of the writer to be creative and build up topics which they feel can help others. Instead approaching me and asking me to give ideas for blogposts does not make sense. In fact, if I has anything in mind, I would be the first person to write about it instead of asking others to do so. Guys, even the “Topic/Title Suggestion Request” mails will not be answered to.

Also, we wouldn’t want to answer to any more queries regarding Guest posting as we receive too many mails.

But if it is something that you would want to enquire about which is not mentioned here (If it is mentioned, we do not answer back. Sorry!), questions can be asked using the Contact Us form or drop us an email at nikhil@techarta.com